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    2018 10 01 - 2019 10 01

    Life Scanners 
    We’re health Technology Company. 
    We enable, empower and inspire families to reduce risk of major disease and save lives.

    Our main partners: British Columbia Cancer Agency (Canada), LED Dental (Canada), Motic (China)
    Our current focus is on cervical & oral cancers prevention and early detection through screening programs implementation in India.
    An Internship in media department.
    We know that big changes can be achieved only fighting obscurity and spreading awareness. We are looking for talented and self-driven individuals to join us in our mission to enable, empower and inspire people to save lives.
    What exactly are we looking for?

    • Graphic designers to create powerful visual communication in a forms of: social media posts posters, magazines, catalogues, posters, etc. 
    • Animators to create animations such as: technology/ sample collecting and processing/ cell cycle explaining animations as well as animations to spread awareness
    • Video editor – to edit our material, create short awareness/ promotion videos using footage from our library. Fixing sound, colours, music etc. 
    • Multimedia designers – to create awareness & promotion projects/ presentations/ multimedia for various platforms. 

    How do we imagine this collaboration work?
    We love technology because technology make everything possible. We imagine that you are passionate student or junior professional, who has extra time to invest to your future – build portfolio and develop your skills working with international company. Your work will be managed through constant communication online while you will be working from home. We don’t care what is your nationality or where do you live, all we want – responsible and self-driven attitude to your work, original ideas and willingness to work for a good cause.

    Considering the complicated field we are working in – healthcare + science + technology, we would love to hire determined person who would be willing to work with us for a longer period of time. So we don’t need to teach specifics for a single project. In this case we could be paying monthly salary (Negotiations regarding payment/ schedule will be processed with selected candidates only).

    Please, do not get scared of healthcare + science + technology. Even if it sounds complicated, you’ll be working very close with people who are professionals in this field and always ready to assist you!

    Here you can see some of our websites and learn more about us:

    Interested applicants, please, send your portfolio/ resume and all the rest of questions you may have to hello@mydnalabs.com or helloatgp@gmail.com 

    Grete Siliunaite
    Director | Media & Communications 
    Life Scanners

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