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    Application form for the exhibition at gallery ARTIFEX


    We are expecting many textile art and design exhibition contributions from the artists from Lithuania and from abroad! Your applications for personal and group exhibitions for 2020 are awaited twice a year (for the first and the second semesters)!

    DEADLINES // The applications for the exhibitions for the first semester (January-July, 2020) are expected until the 20th of September. Results will be announced by the 16th of October

    The applications for the exhibitions for the second semester (September- December, 2020) are expected from the 1st of January until the 3rd of February (2020). Results will be announced by the 17th of  February (2020)

    Exhibit display fee* // Those who wish to hold exhibitions at VAA Textile Gallery ARTIFEX are charged a maintenance cost fee (weekly fee ≈ EUR 100, (EUR 82 + VAT = EUR 99.22).

    * Please contact the gallery staff to enquire if you have to pay for your exhibit display. Members of the VAA community including VAA teachers and students of any level as well as alumni students (up to 2 years after graduation) can use the exhibition space FREE OF CHARGE! The gallery also reserves the right not to charge artists invited at the gallery’s own initiative an exhibit display fee. 

    THE MAIN DIRECTION OF THE GALLERY // Artifex is a Vilnius Academy of Arts - affiliated gallery in Vilnius, Lithuania, with a focus on contemporary textile (art and design), broadly-interpreted. It frequently features exhibitions by the Academy’s staff and students as well as prominent international artists, collective exhibitions and collaborations. Its intimate 36- square- meter space at the heart of the Vilnius Old Town often hosts cultural events and participates in the public life of the city’s artistic scene.

    The guiding object at the core of the gallery’s focus lays materiality in all its reflexive and physical forms. It welcomes projects that engage in the topic in a variety of ways: from sound to cloth, from object to text, from thought to action. Thus, Artifex seeks the re-discovery of textile under new and creative terms and in unexpected and ever-changing circumstances.