Art, Creation, Textile, Time and I        


Art touches people’s souls and pushes them outside the boundaries of everyday life, encouraging them to think, to discover their own attitudes toward important issues and ideas. A work of art acts as a means of communication. It is a peculiar way of conveying information; information, which is impossible to spread by usual means.

Creation is a way of considering subjective experience and share it with others by means of the language of art. When the creative process opens to society the beauty of the art object is disclosed in all the stages of its creation. A work of art is attractive in the form of actions or performances, as every time it invites the artist to look for a new and different link with space, the surroundings and its informational background. The creative actions can open the possibilities for the artist and the viewer of direct communication, taking part together in the creative process or even becoming co-authors of the artwork.

Textile strengthens the immediate link between the artist and viewers; it makes it possible to feel the accumulated energy not only visually but also in the tactile way. The admiration of traditional textile techniques and the textile qualities of materials comes from within, as it has been inherited.     

Time is an existential trap. Can we count it? Can we exist by the “river of time”? Can we live in time as though we were some estranged forms of substance, which exist outside time? The beginning and the end of phenomena are relative moments in the change of time; they supplement one another functionally and mean nothing in the wheel of cosmic time where nothing disappears and nothing appears.

Recreating the world by art forms is a romantic aspiration to look back at mythical time at the beginning of the world, looking for primordial perfection and harmony of the world, which initially means the unity of man and nature. This aspiration is accompanied by the criticism and scepticism of the degrading historical time and the present, where progress and the values of modern humankind are concerned.   

I am the author of a creative action, sometimes becoming part of a work of art. I am an artist who, in the creative process, sometimes assigns meaning to something and sometimes does not notice something; who creates, observes and generalises her artistic rituals.