Our 3rd year Graphic Design Bachelor student IGNAS MIŠKINIS this Spring semester is studying at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design (AFAD) in Bratislava, Slovakia, under the ERASMUS exchange program.

Ignas impressions: „Three months have already passed since I’ve started my exchange semester at Academy of Fine Arts and Design (AFAD) in Bratislava, Slovakia. The main studio that I’ve chosen in the field of Visual Communication is Studio Identity. The main assignment in this studio was to make up a fictional beer brewery, and make its visual identity system and labeling. The brewery that I made up is called “Weather Man”, and its main idea is to use the science of meteorology and weather to portray different types of beer. What was fun about the whole process of creating a fictional beer brewery, was that with the help of real beer brewers, us students were brewing actual beers, and our brewery ideas were presented at the “Salon Piva” beer fest, happening at the Old Market of Bratislava. Other lectures that I have chosen include the Creation of Photobook (with the topic “Identity”), Introduction to Sound and Audio Design, I also have a lecture on art theory, which is mandatory for all exchange students. At the beginning of February, before the official start of the semester, I also had an intensive “Slovak for Beginners” course. The whole academic community here is very friendly, and I became a part of it as soon as I arrived here. Because the main focus is within the main studio, there is less stress regarding time planning for other subjects, thus I have more time for self-education outside of the Academy. Bratislava is closely surrounded by other centers of culture, and I already had a chance to visit the “Albertina” and “MAK” galleries in Vienna, as well as the National Gallery in Prague. It’s worth to mention that for those who are studying in Slovakia, travelling by train is free within the whole country. I must admit that I am very happy to have chosen AFAD for my exchange semester. Time is passing by so fast, and there’s not so much of it left until the final reviews, thus I am trying to experience and learn as much as I can until I come back home to Vilnius. See you soon!“

We thank Ignas for sharing the impressions and send him our best wishes!