Marija Marcelionytė-Paliukė (1977, Vilnius)

  • Head of the Graphic Art Department
  • Assoc. Professor
  • Chairperson of the VAA Senate
  • CV

  • Prints. Serigraphy.
  • Graphic art project I, II, III.
  • Creative activity.
  • Final graphic art project.
  • Interactive team project

Personal Art action "The art work of my pocket" (CreArt project). Kristiansand, Norway, 2016

I have been making an appearance in the cultural life, more or less knowingly, since 1995. I have taken part in over 70 group shows in Lithuania and abroad and had about 10 of my own solo shows. In this stage of my life I feel and comprehend the collective exhibitions, projects, actions, creative workshops, the pre-arranged or getting out of control happenings as something that is more meaningful and multidimensional than personal exhibitions, and I accept them as such. When belonging with others you get a chance to learn, to share, to receive, i.e. to make an impact on the world. Not like God, more like a conscious human being.

For the last couple of years, I have been interested in the ecology of culture; not from the perspective of a green activist but rather posing a question „Do we really need another image?” I have been exploring this aspect using the graphic art as a tool (isn‘t it is a paradox that the printing technologies were initially created and perfected for the copying procedures?).

Absorption. Installation. International exhibition Here & There, Kuldiga Artists' Residence, Latvia. 2016

I enjoy being a creator, a thinker and a teacher. Yes, it may come across as a bold statement but all of it is deeply relevant for me now. Maybe I am slightly too active, enthusiastic, responsible... which results in my being drawn into various commissions, committees, councils, competition panels, all of which is encompassed by one single phrase of ‚social activity’, which I take upon myself wholeheartedly as I simply can‘t do it any other way.

Interwiev, LRT, 2016

Jūratė Stauskaitė: "I want to educate free and creative people", 2016

Operate and share. Exhibition “Veikiantys”, 2016 

Exhibition "Notes on tomorrow", Aveiro, Portugal, 2016

I will use this opportunity to answer a frequently asked question on how I manage to survive in such a vast institution that Vilnius Academy of Arts is with all its ample quantities of paper work. I admit, it is a shame that all this paper is not intended for drawing. I think I have come up with my own survival methods. First of all, you learn to trust others, you start seeing your colleagues, students, the administration and even passers-by as members of your team, as the executioners of the ideas. Because when you feel the little idea cockroaches starting the warfare inside your head (literally), it’s only natural that you learn to look around and almost immediately spot someone who grabs your idea and turns it into reality in a much smoother way than you could have done it yourself. The human and financial resources and the institutional possibilities totally surpass those of a single human being, therefore I forgive my institution for its rather selfish behaviour in the artist-teacher context, even if not quite 100%. Secondly, when I look into my own already completed or coming up projects and work, I can’t help noticing a certain consistent pattern attesting to the fact that rather a lot of things emerge out of the situations imposed on me by my obligations. Even when those situations are greatly formal and hardly conductive to the art, e.g. the students‘ attendance or preparation of the visual didactic materials for the purely technological lectures. Thirdly, I do feel that the management of the Academy have complete trust in me and give me the freedom of action which means that I do not have to compartmentalise my life anymore, keeping my obligations, work, home, creativity and pastime in some separate drawers. For me they all are a single continuous process.

Relationships. Head & Ex-presenter. International Baltic Biennial drawing. Imatra, Finland. 2016

There’s also another special aspect contributing to my feeling of happiness; it’s living with my husband Dovilis – a photography teacher at Kaunas Justinas Vienožinskis faculty of Arts and our six-year-old son Adomas in the outskirts of Vilnius, a place in the country serving as a haven for our private investigations and experiments.

Typographical weathervane. Serigraphy. International letter art exhibition. KKKC Exhibition Hall, Klaipėda. 2014

Finally, I would like to pay my respects to my greatest teacher Corita Kent (1918-1986) by sharing her thought, “ We can create life without war”. This is something I wish to all of us!