In his workshop conceived for the book aficionados on 28-29th of October from 1:30 PM at Vilonius Academy of Arts Graphic department at Vilnius faculty, Demian Bern invites to join in a collaborative process of production. Within the given timeframe we will venture into the hybrid sphere of individual skill and collective authorship and will explore potentials of the book space. With a take on the concept of an active readership by German romantic novelist and poet Novalis, who marks the “true reader” as an “extended author”, the notion of an experimental approach to design will meet with a collective creation of narrative structures. Be it a manifesto, a poetic landscape, or a multi-sensorial monster, the design we undertake during the workshop should flood the book space and leak beyond its commonly invented and crafted manifestations.

Demian Bern runs a studio for communication design in Stuttgart, Germany. His practice and collaborations take place and shape both in Germany and across Europe. Besides the projects in the cultural sector, corporate concepts, book and exhibition design, he is engaged in various settings as curator, publisher and initiator of artistic formats of work and exchange. His hybrid concept platform EXP.edition operates as a mobile project forum and is dedicated to projects and workshops related to experimental formats of discourse and publication as well as contemporary art practices and special editions. As a creative consultant Demian works across various disciplines and is regularly engaged in juries. His work has been awarded the Red Dot design awards, the German Design Award, the award for young book designers, the award of one of the most beautiful books of Germany, as well as the Best Book Design from all over the World by Stiftung Buchkunst, to name just a few. Demian’s research and practice have been supported by residency grants in the Netherlands, Germany and France.

Date: 28-29th October at 1.30 pm.

Place: room 314 (Malūnų street 5, Vilnius)

Registration by e-mail

Organizers: „6 pt“ international Book Design Conference and Graphic Art Department of Vilnius Academy of Arts.
Responsible for the workshop: assoc. prof. Agnė Dautartautė-Krutulė. 

Special thanks to Lithuanian Council for Culture.