Applied Ceramics | Undergraduate | Kaunas

State code


Sphere of studies


Course of studies

Arts (ceramic) W100

Type of the study programme

University undergraduate

Cycle of studies

First cycle

Study form (duration in years)

Full-time (4 years)

Scope of the study programme in credits

240 ECTS

Degree and professional qualification granted

Bachelor of art

Minimum education level


Language of the study programme


The aim of the university first-cycle bachelor study programme of Applied Ceramics:

  • Prepare broadly educated contemporary artists-ceramicists who have acquired the adequate general and specialist competences that enable them to independently work in the fields of artistic ceramics and ceramics design while utilising various technologies and tools and to integrate into the context of contemporary art and demonstrate the professional competence required in the organization of independent creative activities of ceramics. Graduates of the Applied Ceramics bachelor study programme are prepared for further university second-cycle studies.
  • Deepen the general education of students; provide them with the general and specialised competences at the first-cycle study level, as well as special, research knowledge and skills, which will allow them to work in the field of their choice; to develop their social and personal skills: skills that will allow the students to engage in creative and professional activities in sufficiently independent manner; to teach the students to analyse and put the acquired knowledge into their professional practice. 

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