Programme code 


Qualification degree          

Master of Arts

Level of qualification

University studies, Second cycle, graduate (Master's)

Mode of study                            

Full-time, 2 years, 120 credits


Study objectives - to develop independent, critical, scientific, technological and cultural innovation open to individuals with unique creative style, but also able to integrate into the cultural, intellectual life, market, creating intellectual and artistic values​​, its distributors, and at the same time able to raise the country's prestige and contribute to the public welfare establishment.

Profile of study programme

Master of Fine Arts Specialized studies of Fresco-Mosaic prepare the students for creative, scholarly, and theoretic activity. The graduates are able to solve the problems of a chosen topic and perform the necessary preparatory work according to an individual study plan. The curriculum is designed to prepare an artist with a specialization of Site-specific art who is capable of doing not only creative work but also engaging in research.
Master of Fine Arts Specialized studies of Stained Glass prepare the students for an individual creative activity. A graduate is able to formulate and solve creative problems, engage into individual research of a chosen trend, and prepare an analytical theoretical paper. The programme prepares a stained glass artist who is able to design pieces of art at the level of the principles of art, and architecture as well as do a research and analytical work.

Occupational profiles of graduates

Graduates can engage into individual creative activity; manage a creative group, be part of such a group; be lecturers at art academies.

Study programme coordinator and study organization department

Assoc. prof. dr. Vygintas Orlovas
Vilnius faculty, Department of Site-Specific Art and Scenography

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