MA programme invites artists and media makers to do artistic research with tutors (practicing artists and curators) in

  • Animation
  • Photography
  • Media Art
  • Transdisciplinary Art

The aim of the second cycle programme in Animation, Photography and Media Art is a highly qualified independent artist –researcher doing artistic research in the field of contemporary art and realizing a creative project using old and new media. The main focus of the programme is encouraging creative thinking in the realm of contemporary art with regard of the role of animation, photography and media in contemporary culture. 

You can use these workshops and laboratories:

  • photo and video studio with lights
  • black and white photography darkroom
  • Video editing lab and sound recording lab
  • VR and XR (extended reality) lab
  • and other workshops in the academy starting with ceracmins, textile and printmaking and ending with wood, laser-cut, metal, 3D printing and electronics.

More information (study plan with curriculum)