Profile of a Study Programme. To provide fundamental university education in compliance with European standards in the interdisciplinary (art or design) study field and to train interdisciplinary profile – applied art creators-practitioners capable of reflecting art theories, thinking critically and creating works of art that apply a variety of visual and spatial approaches and innovations for creative purposes. Also to create own vision of professional activity and to participate actively in social and cultural life processes in order to contribute to the changes in the community, the State and the world.

The curriculum of Applied Art focuses on the study base that correlates several areas of art and design (jewelry, metal art, sculpture, furniture, fashion). The emphasis is on creative practice, which includes not only theoretical studies (discourse of critical thinking, methods of artistic research, managerial skills), but also practical knowledge of the chosen field (mastering of materials and technologies, relationship with public space, social environment).

Framework Study subjects, practical training:

The extent of the programme is 120 credits.

Study field subjects – 60 credits (21 of them are obligatory to choose study field credits);

Optional subjects – 24 credits;

Final work – 36 credits (15 of them are theory part credits, 21 – creative project).

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