The initiative of the European Commission - the New European Bauhaus - aiming to create
beautiful, sustainable and inclusive living spaces, has accepted Vilnius Academy of Arts (VAA) as one of its official partners.

The partners of the New European Bauhaus are organizations and other actors that inspire discussions and ideas that will be developed through the activities of this movement. The aim is to bring designers, architects, engineers, scientists, students and people from other disciplines to create sustainable lives in Europe and beyond together.

Vilnius Academy of Arts supports the values of the European Commission and its New European Bauhaus initiative. As representatives of a leading university of art and design in Lithuania, we have the opportunity to generate transformative, innovative and creative ideas in the interaction of various disciplines, which will contribute to the formation of a more sustainable, inclusive and pleasant environment for our society.

VAA Rector assoc. prof.  Ieva Skauronė

Academic culture and tolerance fostered by VAA, interaction of art, science and technology, creativity and professionalism, national identity and internationality, sustainability and openness, wide geographical coverage of departments provide an opportunity to be ambassadors of the New European Bauhaus ideas in Lithuania.

Innovative materials, products, clothing, interiors and buildings at various levels are researched and developed at the Academy. Students and lecturers, as well as other members of the community of the Academy community, together with business representatives, go beyond the usual boundaries of thinking and idea generation on a daily basis in order to solve ecological problems in a practical and effective way. All this will help the Academy to contribute to the New European Bauhaus.

Marius Urbanavičius, Director of the VAA Design Innovation Center

Being partners of the New European Bauhaus is also an incentive to intensify cooperation between departments within the Academy and to seek to participate in New European Bauhaus pilot projects with other initiative partners.

The new European Bauhaus is a creative and interdisciplinary initiative, a space that creates the lifestyles of the future, bringing together culture, the arts, social inclusion, science and technology. This initiative integrates the Green Deal into our living spaces, encouraging us to imagine and build a future that is sustainable, inclusive and beautiful.

Official website of the New European Bauhaus