Pilot Mobility Scheme for Artists & Culture Professionals to be launched in April 2019

Along with other partners of the consortium, Goethe-Institut in BrusselsInstitut francais in Paris, and art center Izolyatsia in Kiev, NAC began creating a new mobility scheme PORTUNUS* initiated by the European Commission, an alternative to Erasmus programme for culture professionals.

In May 2018, the European Commission published its Communication on 'A New European Agenda for Culture'. The New Agenda proposes more direct action in relation to the mobility of artists and culture professionals, and more specifically to 'encourage the mobility of professionals in the cultural and creative sectors and remove obstacles to their mobility.' 

It is in this context that the winning partners will be launching a pilot mobility scheme for artists and culture professionals in April 2019.

A pilot mobility platform will allow 500 participants from visual and performance arts (artists, curators, actors, producers, choreographers, etc.) to take part in this experimental program which will test different durations of mobility for different professional purposes over the course of six months (until November 2019).

There will be three Open Calls in April, May and June when candidates can apply for support to do culture work abroad within the countries mentioned under the Creative Europe programme. The length of the cultural activity may vary from 15 to 85 days (attaching a letter of approval from the accepting institution is necessary).

To help us understand what a culture professional expects from this programme and what needs are still to be fulfilled, please fill in this questionnaire.

So start looking for accepting institutions and stand by for more information on our website!

For more information, please email Eva.Blaute.Extern@goethe.de 

*Portunus was the ancient Roman god of keys, doors, and ports