On 2nd of March Nida Art Colony and Doctoral School presents artists‘ talk “On Site-Specific Work in Nida and elsewhere“ with Anna Romanenko & Björn Kühn (DE) 4pm VAA, Malūnų g. 3, 102 aud. (C1)

The artists Romanenko and Kühn just ended their fourth residency at Nida Art Colony (NAC). During their talk, they will look back over their work in general, beginning with their initial NAC residency  in the spring of 2014, a stay that turned out to be a compressed node of their practice. They will also speak about their previous projects, among them Liminal Dome and the Publishing House for Handbooks, and their practice of site-specificity, objecthood and contextual maneuvering.

“Our work focuses on relationships that can be built with others: humans, things, environments. Among other things, we have built under-water habitats, shooting ranges, choreographies for star-observations, grafted fruits to distill a spirit for toasting 

the end of the world, and the development of a procedure to produce friendship among a group of people through a technique that uses facial blushing. Often we construct objects to alter the work flows of fixed symbolic machines, or propose new habits based on the use of these objects. Triggering the appearance of new relations, we take aim at the composition of subjectivity, since the subject can be thought of as the sum of its social relations. We write and rewrite manuals, handbooks, and other linear notations of engagement. We protocol these constructions and alterations in the hope for a future where these might come in handy.”

Open lecture will be 4 pm on VAA, Malūnų g. 3, 102 aud. (C1), Vilnius. 

With support by Lithuanian Council for Culture.