"Meno Celės '19"

"Meno Celės '19" invites you to dive into the multi-layered processes of creation
14 June - 20 July 2019
Vilnius Academy of Arts Exhibition halls “Titanikas” 2nd Floor
Maironio st. 3, Vilnius


"Meno Celės" is a yearly event held by the Vilnius Academy of Art, which is also a part of the "Culture Night" festival. The central axis of the event is the exhibition in "Titanikas" exhibition halls, extending across the Vilnius Academy of Arts, its departments and galleries. Here the spaces of the academy are being filled with installations, performances, concerts and artistic workshops. But most importantly, it is a unique opportunity to see the newest artworks and get to know the topics and processes that are important to the youngest generation of Lithuanian creators. The participants of the exhibition are the graduates of Bachelor and Master programmes.

Spaces of the art academy bring together artists, whose ambitions and energy do not fit any borders. Here the inspiration turns into forms of microorganisms whose development requires such conditions like humidity, nutrients, warmth, acidic pH and oxygen. With these needs satisfied, the organisms expand, contaminate the surfaces and the deepest cracks.

The architecture of the exhibition, created by artist Vladas Suncovas, exists as a medium to stretch different forms, ideas and materials while also empowering new connection points. A gradually changing platform accumulates visible, scented and hidden hints of stories on its surface.


Curator: Milda Dainovskytė


Architect: Vladas Suncovas


Graphic design: Gailė Pranckūnaitė, Marek Voida