In the  VAA gallery ‘5 malūnai’ You can see the postcard collection of Aurelija Džiugaitė. Exhibition 'Atvirlaiškiai Postcrossing' is open until 30th November.

How to connect people from all over the world? How to help them to reach, to know one another, to share ones interests and lives? A Portuguese student Paulo Magalhães was thinking about these questions. He loves to send mail and postcards to his friends, family and is happy about mail found in his mailbox. In 2005 Paulo ceated the online platform for this which he called Postcrossing. Its goal was to connect people across the world through postcards, independently of their country, age, gender, race or beliefs.

How did I find out about this project? I can‘t even remember... But I remember well it was in 2007. Then I found out about other postcrossers who live in different places of the world and love to send and receive mail. I was fascinated by the opportunities in the Postcrossing project: to meet new people, to know more about other countries, to represent my country Lithuania, to tell others more about myself, to experience curiosity while choosing a postcard for another postcrosser and thinking whether my postcard meets the needs of that person, to experience joy of finding postcards in my mailbox.

Can You imagine that more than 380 000 postcards are travelling in the world at the moment?
Did You know there are more than 749 000 people from 214 countries in this project?
Can You believe that more than 49 milion postcards were sent from the begining of the Postcrossing?

My mailbox was happy (the saying of Postcrossing members) when postcards from 41 different countries reached their destination. Australia, Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Oceania... I exchanged postcards with people from these continents. Still, no postcards from Africa. Perhaps one day...  

You can see just a part of them in this exhibition. More postcards are here:
You can find out how to turn your mailbox into a box of surprises at:

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