Anthony Stellaccio | „Senukas Senukuose“

Experimental ceramics exhibition at „Gobis/Lauko ekspo“ pavilion (Gedimino st. 13, near La Crepe cafe)

Meeting with author: 7th of June at 5 p.m

The exhibition Senukas Senukuose is an experimental exhibition combining unfired clay and non-ceramic, commercial materials associated with the construction industry. Construction and destruction, as expressed in the use of unfired, and thus recyclable, clay is only one in a series of dualistic themes built into the concept of the exhibition.

Fragility and strength is also a present theme, as is the relationship between existential meditations and the creation of surfaces using materials that are consumerist, synthetic, and even superficial or tasteless. Exploring these relationships and successfully (or unsuccessfully) balancing such dichotomies helps define the limits of concepts, aesthetic sensibilities, and an interest in materiality in my work. The aim of the work is also to raise questions in the mind of the viewer, to stimulate interest and doubt, and also to raise excitement and risk disappointment unflinchingly.

About the author

Anthony Stellaccio is a freelance artist and scholar educated in both fine art and folklore. A member of the American Folklore Society, the American Ceramic Circle, and the International Academy of Ceramics, Stellaccio is an active artist, writer, lecturer, and curator. Most notable among his professional accomplishments are: a book on Lithuanian folk pottery; more than thirty published articles; three years spent serving the Smithsonian, National Museum of African Art as a project manager and curatorial research specialist; a position as international coordinator for Artaxis; a position on the collections committee of The Clay Studio in Philadelphia; an active role as co-founder of the Anthony E Stellaccio Visiting Artist and Lecture Series at Illinois Wesleyan University; and two US Fulbright grants to conduct research and teaching in Lithuania. A recent, current and upcoming project are participation in a socio-political art symposium on Post-Colonialism in Israel (2016), the co-curation of an environment themed exhibition at Cloud Gallery in Amsterdam (2017), and curation of a major exhibition entitled Folklore in Contemporary Ceramics at Baltimore Clayworks in the USA (2017). Stellaccio’s main areas of interest are Eastern European ceramics, African art, professional development for art students, and other activities serving to promote and protect art and culture. He was born in Muncie, Indiana in the United States in 1978.