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Until March 31st, 2022 VAA community has access to subscribed „Artfilms Digital“ database. Constantly updated collection of documentaries, feature films, interviews, etc. currently consists of more than 2 000 video and audio recordings.

„Artfilms Digital“ is created by contemporary art film producer and distributor „Contemporary Arts Media“, based in Melbourne (Australia). 

Available films:

Architecture & Design

Asian Collection

Film & Cinema

New Media Digital Art 

Theatre & Performance

Visual Arts, Digital Arts & Photography 

Most popular films in VAA community 2020–2021:

Fluxusfilm Anthology

Jonas Mekas: Reminiscences of a Journey to Lithuania

Drawing Machines

Trimpin: The Sound of Invention

Bill Viola: The Road to St. Paul's

Access methods:

1. Free access from Vilnius Academy of Arts network.
2. From other networks (home) – via EZproxy.

*If you would like to receive a list of accessible films contact

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