VAA community has temporary extended access to JSTOR database archive:

  • 32 000 e-books, mostly from USA universities press. (until August 31st)
  • 2 600 journals in Arts & Sciences archives and other collections since the 17th century. (until December 31st)
  • digitized cultural heritage - 26 000 19th century pamphlets from collections in seven universities in the UK.

VAA already subscribes to these JSTOR archives collections:

Arts & Sciences III collection: philology folklore, music, cinema, religion, stage arts, art, architecture theory, and history.

Arts & Sciences IV collection: law, psychology, education, management, business, and administration.

Access methods:

1. Free access from the Vilnius Academy of Arts network.

2. From other networks (home) – via EZproxy 

If you want to receive a list of accessible publications in JSTOR database, contact

More information.