Ongoing  project 2017−2019
Director of the project: dr. Algė Andriulytė

Project "Vilnius Art and Architecture in 1919−1939: Institutional Approach" aims to integrate Vilnius art and architecture into the history of modernization of the interwar Lithuania's culture identity. The project will research the development of the official discourse of Vilnius' art and architecture; it intends to disclose what institutional mechanisms affected them, as well as to examine the processes of modernization and its manifestations, activities and tactics of the artists and architects, who participated in the development of modern urban shapes. The project rises and intends to answer the questions: What was the Polish cultural policy/legislation in the interwar period, what were the ways and means to act in Vilnius' art and architecture field? How the examples of modernism in the interwar Vilnius do highlights its cultural identity, and why they are key to the exceptional (in Lithuanian urban context) manifestation o the interwar Vilnius modernism nature? It is especially important to investigate systematically this period of Vilnius art and architecture modernization processes in the institutional approach: it would allow to question and adjust the prevailing assumptions about politically engaged and "ordered from the top of the" cultural dominance, or on the contrary − the romanticized vision of the development.

Participants: dr. Algė Andriulytė, doc. dr. Rasa Butvilaitė, dokt. Edita Povilaitytė-Leliugienė.

The project is funded by Research Council of Lithuania: National Research Programme “Modernity in Lithuania“ (agreement no. S-MOD-17-12)