Institute of Art Research

Photography: The Condition of an Intermediary and its Role in Culture
(preliminary title)

This volume focuses on photography, but instead of its artistic traditions, we invite researchers and artists to discuss its roles and condition in contemporary culture as well as its uses in the past.

Editor of this issue: dr. Agnė Narušytė
Publication date 2020, IV quarter

Interwar Vilnius: Shapes of Art and Architecture in 1919–1939
The volume is devoted to art and architecture of interwar Vilnius. In the recent years these topics have been receiving increasing interest both in Lithuania and the neighbouring countries (above all, Poland). The aim of the issue is to bring together researchers in various fields (art history and theory, architecture and heritage).

Editor of the issue: dr. Algė Andriulytė
Publication date 2020, IV quarter

Anniversary: The Past Made Present
50, 100, 200, 1 000 years... As if a bookmark in a calendar, an anniversary stops briefly the ordinary flow of years distinguishing and honouring communities, institutions, places, and persons.
The volume is comprised of previously unpublished contributions, including artistic research, on the conception, history, and social culture of anniversary, as well as research of anniversary artworks and artefacts with the focus on prominent tendencies, highlighted values, cultural and social contexts, etc.

Editors of the issue: dr. Lina Michelkevičėdr. Tojana Račiūnaitė
Publication date 2021, II quarter

The Material Body of the Book: Between Tradition and Innovation
The volume is dedicated to the printed book and book design with a focus on the material nature of the book. The contributors are encouraged to look at the printed book as a space that bridges illustration and design experiments, as well as possibilities given by constantly developing printing techniques.

Editors of this issue: dr. Jolita Liškevičienėdr. Ieva Pleikienė
Publication date 2021, III quarter

Cultural interactions between Latin America and Eastern Europe
The issue aims at encouraging a transdisciplinary discussion on cultural interactions between Latin America and Eastern Europe. Therefore we welcome contributions from scholars working across a wide disciplinary range, including art history, music, literature and film, religious studies, philosophy, gender and cultural studies, history, anthropology, and sociology. Presentations of artistic research on the topic of the volume are also welcome.

Editor of this issue: dr. Laura Petrauskaitė
Publication date 2021, III quarter

Design processes
(preliminary title)
The issue is devoted to design research topics and we invite researchers and designers to investigate various subjects and problems related to design processes, as very broad and essential topic.
Thus, today we have so many and very differentiated forms of design activities from very traditional roles of designers (product design, graphic design, fashion design, interior design, art or conceptual design) to critical design, service design, neurodesign, performative design etc. The issue welcomes historic, contemporary and interdisciplinary approaches to the topic and invites contributions from design historians, designers, and scholars in related fields; as well as practitioners, and managers who engage with design. 

Editor of this issue: dr. Karolina Jakaitė
Publication date 2021 IV quarter