Severija Žukauskytė | Measure
The defense of master project : June 22nd (will take place remotely)
Exhibition: June 3rd – June 6th

VAA, Textile Art and Design Department, MA. 
Supervisor: prof. Eglė Ganda Bogdanienė

What is energy and how can we measure, feel it?  In the Lithuanian dictionary, the word energy is interpreted as a term defining a measure of motion, which is also used to refer to mechanical, thermal and electrical energy. It is becoming a major engine in manufacturing, and a phenomenon when it comes to nature. All of these concepts are interrelated in that energy helps emotionally or physically move almost anything and everyone.
 Human movement is an ongoing process that seems to stop only when life goes out.  But as long as we are alive, movement can be exploited as an alternative source of energy.  With the help of textiles, due to its constant interaction with the human body and its integration into it, e-textile fragments and piezoelectric elements can form a circuit that will allow the consumer to supply himself with the energy he consumes.  This would make the garment a top layer that protects against side stimuli or a source to charge the phone.

Severija Žukauskytė

The exhibition can be visited at the VAA textile gallery Artifex, Gaono str. 1, Vilnius. The gallery is open as usual I-V 12-6 PM, VI 12-4 PM.
The defense of the master's project will take place remotely on June 22nd.