Aistė Jančiūtė | Laboratory of senses: Weight
2019 11 26 - 12 14

Laboratory of senses ‘Weight’ is the result of a two year long artistic exploration. It combines research from the final MA project (produced for Vilnius Academy of Arts KDI faculty) together with ‘Magic Carpet’ residency at Folkstone, UK and performances of ‘Theatre of Senses’ ( 


Weight is defined as a physical property, an objective scientific measure to describe the material world. However, weight is also a multifaceted concept - one that can be used to describe psychological states as well as philosophical ideas. Understanding of one’s body (and how it relates to other bodies) happens through senses. On the contrary, by bringing awareness inside and focusing on weight of a body we can experience the fundamental force of life - gravity.

In this laboratory of senses I mix scientific facts with subjective experiences, aiming to spark a connection between science and poetry, in order to bring our divided understanding of reality together.


In the laboratory, I experimented with the concept of gravity and bodily interactions. Using touch and awareness of one’s weight, my goal was to create a performance that prompts participants to question their physicality. How heavy is the heart? How light is the soul? What is the weight of a dream that did not become a reality? Can a dreadful nightmare be lightweight? My research questions whether ‘weight’ should only be considered as a heavy and oppressive sensation, or could it also help to relax and feel more grounded to the Earth.

About the artist

Aistė Jančiūtė (b. 1987) merges movement, senses and visual compositions in her creative practice. During bachelors degree (2008-2012) Aistė combined the techniques used in textile production (in particular, weaving) with dance. She was interested in transforming the weave texture from 2D to 3D space; animating it from static to dynamic movement. Since 2013, Aiste has been practicing contact improvisation (a practice based on balancing weight of one’s body), which led her researching about the notion of weight. In 2015 Aistė started working with the ‘Theatre of Senses’ and her creative field expanded into experimental theatre. MA studies (2017–2018) helped Aiste combine the practice of visual art, dance and experimental theatre together.

Dates of open laboratories and meetings during exhibition time: 

December 3 rd and 13th 7pm, December 7th 2pm - open laboratory with the artist Aiste Jančiūte.

November 29th 5pm and December 6th 3pm - dancers Aiste Kriukelyte and Rasa Biriete presents research project “Human. Impulse. Movement” which is a part of dance exploration platform “Bitės”.

December 12th 7pm - open laboratory with student of dance therapy Monika Jarulyte.

Exhibition opening: November 26th 6PM at VAA gallery ARTIFEX, Gaono st. 1, Vilnius.

Exhibition will be open until December 14th.