The interdisciplinary artist Anne Glasner (from Austria) will meet for a lecture-discussion on March 20th at 4 pm at the Klaipeda faculty of Vilnius Academy of Arts.

Anne Glassner (born in 1984) is Vienna based visual artist who works with performance, installation, video, and drawing. Her work is mostly process based, collaborative and site specific. Most of her actions take place in public space. There are often reactions and comments on social processes or interactions with the environment. A lot of her works are concerned with the topic of sleep. Three years ago she started doing "Sleep Performances" in different locations. Her personal interest in consciousness, lucid dreaming and silence is transformed in her works. 

Anne received a Master degree in Fine Arts (painting) at the University of Applied Arts Vienna in 2016, and in Arts and Communication in Vienna in 2008.

A. Glesner is a resident at the  Nida Art Colony. During the residency Anne will continue her research and artistic work with her body on sleep, awareness, and silence. She is planning to work on performance, interventions, and drawing. 

Nida Art Colony is a subdivision of Vilnius Academy of Arts. 

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