Doctoral studies


FRIDAY Maria Fusco (djcad, University of Dundee), SCO
SATURDAY Nomeda & Gediminas Urbonas (MIT), USA, LT

Milestone lectures

Art practice as a symptom of an unanswered research question. John Hillman

Art of Experience: Alchemy, Passions, Embodied/Practical Knowledge and Transformation. Rachel Armstrong & Rolf Hughes

Not a Neutral Conduit: A Fictocritical Approach to Artistic Research. David Maroto

Constructive ambivalence: discipline/epistemology/politics of art and research in the work of Forensic Architecture Pierre d'Alancaisez

In the Pre-, - Mid -, Post- (Artistic Research) … everything will be better! Kristoffer Gansing

Nomad Science, Remote Intensities, Pataphysical Equipment. Thomas Mical



Exposition of (ex)positions by Vilnius Academy of Arts doctoral candidates

Preliminary programme for Oct 14-17th.
Most of the congress will be carried on on-site in physical spaces, except Sunday which is purely online. Some programme will be accessible via Zoom also on the other days.

To be continued