The key areas of activity of the Strategy of the VAA are

studies, creation and research, improvement of management, structure and infrastructure and financial soundness

These defined strategic areas of activity incorporate all the principal fields of a higher educational institution. The targets set forth and the tasks prescribed in the Strategy are interrelated and correspond to the main strategic goal as defined in the Strategy –

improve the quality of preparing specialists of the highest qualification in arts, design and art research meeting the present and future needs of Lithuania, support the progress in the area of art and design, ensure  the national and cultural identity of the State, educate artists and designers able to compete in the Lithuanian and European art market, and enhance competitiveness of the national economy due to achievements in Lithuanian design.

The tasks prescribed in respect of individual areas of activities are interrelated and are in accord with the tasks defined in respect of other areas of activities. 

The Strategy defined the following objectives

  • strengthen the authority of the Academy as an international higher school
  • seek high level of artistic activities and scientific research of significant international scale
  • promote motivation among students, develop their creative potential
  • enhance the impact of the Academy on the regional, national and international levels

The purpose of the Quality Strategy of the Academy is to ensure a proper quality of the relevant management processes while implementing the mission of the Academy.  The Quality Strategy provides for the principles of constant renewal and improvement, criteria and procedures, and specifies the persons or groups of persons responsible for the implementation of specific processes.