Opening: 21 December at 6 p.m.

The exhibition will be open until January 21 2017

The exhibition 'You Came, You Saw, You Left: Cultural Floor' is a floor “portrait” exhibition, representing the painter Egle Ridikaite’s love of beauty and of the city of Vilnius. It took the artist four years of intense contemplation and creativity to bring to life these 23 works of impressive scale. When wandering in Vilnius, Egle notices a beauty that is overlooked by many others, and immortalises it. Her artistic process raises these floors from the buildings of Vilnius, and reinterprets them on gallery walls, in full-scale, reflecting their immensity, their history, and our footprints therein.

By exhibiting her floors vertically, the artist disrupts the logics of ordinary perception. However, only in such a way is the beauty uplifted from dusty darkness into the proscenium of admiration, remembrance, and respect for the past

 the art critic Dr. Rasa Andriusyte-Zukiene.

The purpose of the exhibition 'You Came, You Saw, You Left: Cultural Floor' is not only to express this beauty, raised up to eye level by the artist, but is also to provide reflection on our heritage, on what our own lasting effect may be, and on what we take away with us. 

As we leave, we can only take a nostalgic sentiment, a memory, or a vision of beauty.

Exhibition curator: Vilma Mačianskaitė

Exhibition organizer: Contour Art Gallery